Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Incorporation Forms

I am fortunate that in Alberta a person can do practically all the steps related with incorporating on their own - with a bit of legwork. I have completed my research on Corporate Bylaws, Share ownership/Rights, and Appointment of myself as Director so I am all ready to go to a Corporate Registry office, pay the fee and become incorporated on Saturday.

The best references I found for the above information were from the government proper. Information on incorporating from the Federal Government at (French also available)$file/Guide_2007_Eng.pdf
and the actual "interactive" PDF forms for Alberta Incorporation at

With this FREE information on the web, there is no reason to purchase an "incorporation kit" for upwards to $70.

BTW, it pays to shop around for fees the registries will charge as I got prices from around $275 up to $950 for the same thing.

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